CNA Study Guide 2020-2021: Exam Prep with 240 Test Questions and Answers for the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam (Including Detailed Answer Expl

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Brief Description:
Designed to help CNA students pass the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam, this guide includes a targeted review and four complete practice exams.

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: CNA at a Glance
Chapter 2: Becoming a CNA
Chapter 3: The 20-plus Skills Tested in the CNA Exam
Test 1: Questions
Test 1: Answers & Explanations
Test 2: Questions
Test 2: Answers & Explanations
Test 3: Questions
Test 3: Answers & Explanations
Test 4: Questions
Test 4: Answers & Explanations

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Introducing the new up-to-date CNA Study Guide 2020-2021.


How is this guide different from others?

  • 4 Full Length Practice Tests

  • Answers along with explanations

  • Test Preparation Strategies


With 240 questions, you will have enough practice to take the exam and achieve a winning score the first time.


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