The Secret Death of Abba Gadaa and Other Stories (Hard Cover)

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They were a compilation of seven stories revolving around the Oromo people. The first story talks about how the leadership system of the Oromo is on the verge of extinction due to the encroachment of Christianity and foreigners seeking expansion. Abba Gadaa, their current leader tries to make a stand but is faced with a mysterious death. The second is about how Abba Gadaa Liban Doyo was forced to oversee an election against his wishes. We see how votes are being lobbied and the violence corruption brings.

The third story tells of two lovers, a young boy reminiscing of how his grandfather and father fought and died because of war, and now he is being forced to take up arms too. Separated from his beloved Galane, he made something for himself and became a governor. A chance occurrence allowed him to meet Galane once again but she fought for a different side in her pursuit to be with him. They continued their romance but fate would make it impossible for them to be together for Galane ended up in prison with his son and he was made to Diaspora for fraternizing with the enemy.

The fourth was about a budding romance in line with the Oromo way of courtship. Hawwii had to elope with her betrothed Gaaddisaa due to imposing new traditions different from the ones they knew. On their way, they met a rich farmer who took pity on them and took them in. They were quite young and the farmer set them up and they became part of his family. They got married and also capitalize on the farmer's help to become successful too. They had children and when their daughter Galana decided to be with a farmer's boy Namoomsaa, Hawwii was initially against it but realized her hypocrisy and gave her blessings.

The fifth was about the adventures of Walu Wache, a boy whose father thought he won't amount to anything till he blossomed and slain beasts and battled in a fairytale-like manner. He was later appointed their leader because he has qualities the Oromo respected. He successfully infiltrated Somali and defeated them after capturing Ali of Somali and holding him captive. But when a new threat approached in the form of White men with guns, he had to surrender but the people blamed him for their troubles, he was later impeached and he left. Things started going bad for the Oromo and they had to seek his forgiveness and reinstate him.

The sixth was about Gramma Manooyee and the matriarchal age of the Oromo people till they decided they want some different. We saw the changes and how men eventually took over. The seventh was the story of a detective who resided in America but is an Oromo. He planned to open a branch detective agency in his hometown. His first case in his hometown involved the murder of a girl and Hachalu, a prominent man. He did all he could to get to the bottom of it all and brought justice