Emotional Intelligence

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You Are 1 Click Away From Knowing How You Can Effectively Use Emotional Intelligence To Effectively Tame Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Negative Thinking, Anger And Much More!

Emotional Intelligence is a handbook on all things that you may have questions about regarding your emotional quotient, abbreviated EQ. It explores the various aspects of EQ from why we have emotions to why we need them. It explains why emotional intelligence might get you further in life than IQ without necessarily diminishing the crucial role played by book smarts in your life. It also goes to bust the popular myths about emotional intelligence that exists, thus allowing you to distinguish the truths from the misconceptions.


I know you are wondering...

So how is Emotional Intelligence different?

Will it help you overcome these mental and emotional health issues, for good?

How exactly does it work?

Has EI been proven scientifically?

Are the effects of using EI permanent?

How do you start using CBT to deal restore your mental and emotional health?

This book seeks to answer all these questions and much more. It covers the ins and outs of using Emotional Intelligence to help you neutralize all the stress, anxiety, worry, fear, anger, negative thoughts and much more, build emotional intelligence and experience deep relaxation

More precisely, in this book, you will learn:

  • The basics of EI, including what it is, what it entails, the theory behind it, how it works, the problems that EI can help you with, how it has evolved, what to expect in a EI session etc.
  • How to evaluate yourself to understand what actually makes your mind tick
  • How to make the most use of decentering and diffusion, 2 important concepts in CBT
  • Emotional Intelligence distortions that may explain why you have a problem with negative thinking, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, worry etc. and how to deal with these
  • Why conformity may be pushing you slowly to struggle with different emotional and mental health problems
  • The link between spirituality and self-help
  • Strategies that you can use to fight anxiety, stress, depression and all these problems effectively
  • How to challenge unhelpful and intrusive thoughts effectively
  • How to build a better relationship with yourself and keep it that way, including why that matters
  • Highly effective cognitive behavioral activities and exercises that will set you up for freedom
  • How to optimize your life to be happy, satisfied and free from all these problems
  • The place of habits in the happiness equation
  • And much more!

Even if this is the first time you are coming across the term "EI", the book takes an easy to follow, beginner friendly style that will enable you to start applying the teachings in the book and ultimately book your first EI session having already understood what it entails, the ins and outs of EI and much more.