The New Law of Peaceful Protest: Rights and Regulation in the Human Rights Act Era

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The right to demonstrate is considered fundamental to any democratic system of government, yet in recent years it has received little academic attention. However, events following the G20 protests in April 2009 make this book a particularly timely work. Setting out and explaining in detail the UK's domestic legal framework that surrounds the right of peaceful protest, the book provides the first extensive analysis of the Strasbourg jurisprudence under Articles 10 and 11, offering a critical look at cases such as llinger, Vajnai, Bukta, Oya Ataman, Patyi, and Ziliberberg, as well as the older cases that form its bedrock. The principles drawn from this case-law are then synthesized into the remainder of the book to see how the right of protest enshrined in the UK's Human Rights Act now operates. The five central chapters show how the right is defined: the restrictions on the choice of location of a protest * the constraints imposed on peaceful persuasive protest * the near total intoler