The In-Between: The Story of African-Oromo Women and the American Experience

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The In Between is a story that transcends cultures, borders, nationality, religion and an identities for which one see’s themselves rather than the one imposed on them. More importantly it is about African Women who wonder where they fit between conservative African values with double standards for boys and girls and/or fantasy land with feminist ideology and the American democracy. The author uses Winnie Mandela, who gave so much to her people, for the pursuit of justice but seems to end up in a different place than her counterpart, male. It is also about immigrants who are born in one place but raised in a different place with new sets of culture, language and values. Also, while the majority of the book focuses on diverse issues, as stated above I must say this, “I have a soft spot for the forgotten women of Africa, the Oromo women, who often face double bigotry, for being Oromo and for being women”. Overall, the book is about the Oromo people and their pursuit for dignity, being and becoming Oromo in the Diaspora, the failure of OLF, bureaucratic Oromo Community Associations and the quest to know where one belongs