HAYYUU Arabic-Afan Oromo-English Dictionary: Hayyuu hiikkaa jechootaa Arabiffaa-Afaan Oromoo-Ingiliffaa

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This Dictionary has more than 55000 Arabic words translated into Afan Oromo and English languages with examples. It was the biggest and largest books in Arabic- Afan Oromo- English version. HAYYUU Arabic- Afan Oromo- English dictionary is bringing Afan Oromo to the horizon of the speakers! The objectives of preparing this dictionary are: To bring Afan Oromo to other international languages and more familiarize to to modern technologies, to promote people to learn Afan Oromo, to provide materials to those already engaged in Afan Oromo, to enhance Oromo Speaking peoples to learn Arabic language where they are and when ever they want, and finally it was to promote Afan Oromo specialist scholars to start their energetic working habit to tell the world that we do have a big and world competitive language.