Oromo's Indigenous Political Philosophy

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Compared with modern democracies, the Oromo constitution has a few unusual features. Here, I would like to point out some fundamental ideas of these features that are not fully developed in western democratic traditions. These are the period of testing of elected leaders, the method of distributing power across generations, and a limitation of office to single term. These are major features which make Oromo Gada system different from western democracy. One of the major contributions of Oromo democracy is the way in which power is shared by generations. The generational injustice appeared in 1960's and 1970's of Europe and United States of America were because of unfair distribution of power through generations. At that time in both continent the youth movements and movements of elder was a serious problem. However, the Oromo society had never faced with problems of such nature. Because, there is equal and just distribution of power.Finally, such kind of struggling for seniority will be settled when the principle of secularism is at work. And also the fact that the Oromo Gada System principle of secularism is not compatible with 21st century ideology.