New Order in East Africa: The Oromo Nation and Renaissance of True Ethiopia

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The book is an expanded adaption from an extensive independent study under the title Exploration of Socio-political History of the Oromo Nation of East Africa and Prognosis of its Future Perspectives. The study was outlying to the conventional Abyssinia-centered Ethiopian history and a partial departure from the academic tradition of Ethiopian Studies and Oromo Studies. It was a case study conducted in an advocacy world view and an atheoretical framework. It employed the historical parallel and the center-periphery approaches as objects of the study. The book narrates the socio-political history of the Oromo nation in the Horn of Africa. It accentuates the pressing problems of the Oromo in modern Ethiopia and identifies the loss of the socio-political center as an urgent problem. It sets a new grand narrative and a unifying vision for the Oromo nation and advocates for its peaceful and democratic rise to the socio-political center in modern Ethiopia and East Africa. It envisions Kushite Ethiopia and Kushite Ethiopian nationalism as the future of modern Ethiopia and East Africa.